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LVP Installation in Charleston, SC

Hardwood floors can add beauty and value to your home, eliminate allergens, and reduce long-term costs. However, over time all hardwood floors lose their luster. Restoring your wood floors to their original beauty can completely transform your home. If you like the color of your floors, we can sand and clear coat them, so they look like new. If you'd like to change your floors' color, we can sand, re-stain, and clear coat.


If you have damaged planks that need to be repaired or replaced, we've got you covered. We use a unique dust-free system to ensure your home stays clean during the process. If you're ready to restore your hardwood floors or need a repair, contact us for pricing and a timeline.


Tile can increase your home's value and is one of the longest-lasting finishes you can choose. However, it must be done with precision to avoid lipase, gaps, crooked patterns, and other common issues. Our team of expert installers brings years of experience and craftsmanship to your project. We've installed tile in just about every place, and every pattern, so we promise you're in good hands.  


Whether you're dreaming of a new tile floor, shower, backsplash, wall, or indoor or outdoor tile accent, we'll do it quickly, and we'll do it right. We have years of experience installing all kinds of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, travertine, and marble. We know what it takes to complete your tile installation project to the highest standards.

A room with luxury vinyl plank installation in Charleston, SC


Luxury vinyl plank (LVP)/Engineered vinyl plank (EVP) combines the warm beauty of hardwood floors with the durability of commercial-grade floors. Vinyl plank floors are 100% waterproof, easy to clean, and can help eliminate allergens and reduce cleaning. LVP/EVP is so durable it can last for years with no maintenance. Though it's easy to maintain, having an expert install your vinyl plank floors will help you avoid costly mistakes.


Vinyl planks are a floating or glue down floor and can be installed over most smooth surfaces, including concrete, wood, and up to one layer of existing vinyl flooring. Our experts will remove your existing flooring and carefully cut each door jamb, casings, and baseboards for a seamless look.


If you're dreaming of a luxurious new shower, cabinet-to-counter backsplash, or full tile wall, we can help. Our experienced team will remove your existing tub or shower and install a brand-new tile shower using the Schluter / Kerdi system, the most innovative tile system on the market. Because grout joints are not waterproof, to prevent mold and water damage, tile should be installed in conjunction with a waterproofing system.


The Schluter System is a series of products that create a watertight barrier between your tile and ground and the wood substructure. This system eliminates worries about leaks, grout failure, and water damage. Our experts can design and install shower elements that fit your lifestyle, including benches, niches, and shavers.

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